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Client Testimonials

Entrusting someone to experience therapy or coaching with and allowing them into your life is a huge step but one which can reap amazing rewards. The below are testimonials from women I have worked with over the last year.  I have not added full names or images due to confidentiality.

Daisy Image by AARN GIRI

Impact of Coaching,  EW 19/12/20

The coaching sessions have allowed to have a clearer view or what I’m trying to achieve in my new job following a period whereby I was made redundant in a quite unpleasant way.

Whilst the redundancy significantly affected my confidence, the time I spent with Jan enabled me to do a little grieving, to gain perspective, and to determine the direction I want to go in. It also enabled me to re-understand my self worth and remind myself of what I’m capable of.

Jan’s approach is calm and yet challenging. She probes into your thoughts a little and helps to get things into a clear and organised form so I could then take them and apply them to my job.

Working with Jan has been a pleasure and I feel like I have a long term opportunity to work with her to continue to develop and improve myself with her help and guidance. She has made me feel more empowered and has shown me ways to approach my ideas in a logical and thoughtful way.    

Sunflower Image by Paul Green

Real Outcomes,  DR 7/2/21

I worked with Jan on a balance of work/life issues - stress/anxiety through to delegation and personal performance. Jan relaxed any fears I had immediately with her calm tone and relaxed approach, but more importantly for me you get real outcomes that can apply to day to day life.


It's not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines that can put into place. Its the first time using a coach and most certainly use Jan again and recommend to other.

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Rose Image by Annie Spratt

Realign Your Mindset,  CD 14/5/21

This morning I had a 30 mins taster session with Jan. Was nervous and unsure of what to expect but she quickly made me comfortable and we covered a lot more than I thought. She asked me questions which really made consider my motivation and what could be holding me back from achieving my goals.

I will definitely be looking to do sessions in the future especially as my business grows and demand on my time energy increases.

I would be definitely recommend Jan if you need someone to help guide your thought process and realign your mindset.

Thank you Jan.

Yellow Flower

You've totally blown my mind tonight, ME 24/5/22

Jan smiling with a cup of tea

Thanks so much

Found the blocker!  It took 40 minutes.

You're so amazing 

I'm super excited already

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