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Grow & Flow Membership

I have really loved being in my coach's membership and I have really loved the support of the other women in the group as well as the lovely community feel.


I truly believe we learn and grow better when we can bounce off other people and have that support from each other. 

Jan smiling on a bench

About the Membership

🧡 A dedicated members portal with your own sign in link

🧡 A five step program to start you on your way

🧡 Access to a dedicated Facebook group for members only

🧡 The chance to work with me in two group sessions a month

🧡 A new masterclass each month

🧡 Founder members price for as long as you are in the membership

🧡10% off all my other services

Why a Membership Can Help You

It's a fantastic way of working with me as a coach at low cost. You will get my help and support as well as the support of the other women in the group as well. You will get masterclasses every month and two group sessions a month to set intentions and iron out any kinks.

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