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Hightren House Retreat

Refresh & Revive Retreats

Throughout the year I provide a range of in-person and virtual retreats designed with calmness and serenity at the heart. If you want to spend an hour or a whole weekend to refresh and revive your mind, body and soul then find out more below.

Hightren House, Malham

Refresh & Revive 

Spring Awakening

A whole weekend with workshops, meditations, pampering and enough free time for you to completely recharge and wake up your energy and get your bounce back in time for the sunshine coming.


High Trenhouse near Malham, North Yorkshire. 

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July 2022 



Revive Your Mind

Online Meditation & Mindful Classes

An amazing 45 minute class that will bring together all the relaxation, meditation and mindfulness tricks I've learnt over the years.  With a bit of mindset work thrown in as well. Only £5

Jan meditating outside
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