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  • Jan Ockendon

Vision Boards for Wellbeing.

I have recently been reading a lot of posts and blogs by business coaches. Almost all of them have talked about having a vision board. A visual reminder of your goals, your why and your wants for you business as well as personal wants and desires. I started to muse over whether these could be used for therapy patients to log what has been helpful to them as they move towards wellbeing that may remind them in the darker days. We all have those days when we spend too much time on social media or read a particularly upsetting piece in a newspaper or magazine. That small quite possibly throw away comment made by somebody at the bus stop or school playground which resonates with those corners of our mind where the self sabotage demons live. If we are not aware or are not able to fully recognise our own resoures these moments can lead to a downturn in our

mental wellbeing. Maybe these are the moments a wellbeing vision board can provide us with a visual reminder of what is important in our lives and where we can build our resources. Maybe even who we might turn to or where we might find a quiet place to sit and draw a deep breath. My own vision board would contain a woodland picture, it would need to have trees and running water. Rocks for the water to move over. I would add pictures of my family and friends as well. Treasured people who know who I am and what might be needed when I turn to them. What might you add to yours? What has been helpful in keeping you mental health stable and your wellbeing safe. Try it and let me know how you have been able to use a vision board to promote and maintain your mental health.

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