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  • Jan Ockendon

Self Care.

If you sat and thought about what you are doing every day how much of that is truly something you do because it makes you feel better. Not those things we do for other people that do make us feel good but really and truly for you, to look after you?

Is it possible to change that? When we care for ourselves we begin to feel better mentally as well as physically. Maybe having a homemade smoothie for breakfast instead of toast with butter and jam will start to change those things we hear in our internal monologue. The things that nibble at our self esteem until our mental health becomes compromised. One smoothie and a peach for breakfast will not change that in itself but add that to other self care activities and we can start to see real change. Choosing to put down your device and swap Facebook for a real book or an audio book in the car instead of that news programme that has you shouting at the radio. Taking a walk in a favourite place and allowing yourself to experience the joy of being there.

Each of us will have our own idea of what makes us feel better and more content in our own skin. If I was to ask you what you had done today to really care for you how many things would you be able to tell me? If your answer is not many then start small, add one more activity tomorrow than you did today. Learn a new skill, read that book you've been meaning to read since last summer. Caring for yourself is not selfish, it is essential. If you did not charge your phone every day it would stop working. We are not so different, self care is about recharging our batteries so we can continue to do all the things our busy lives demand. It is about keeping ourselves well and nurtured so we are able to fulfil the plans we have for ourselves and still have a little energy left over to dance in the kitchen at the end of the day.

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