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  • Jan Ockendon

Find the joy in the day.

Does it sometimes feel as though a whole day is awful which leaves you crawling into bed feeling as though you have failed? Has the whole day been awful or can you take five minutes before you bury yourself in the duvet reviewing the day? The practice of not going to sleep on an argument helped many long standing relationships survive and indeed thrive in adversity. Taking five minutes sitting quietly and reviewing your day has the same aim, to let go of the sadness, hurt and even anger before trying to sleep. A calmer mind aids more restful sleep and if practised every day will soon become a habit you will thank yourself for. I cannot say it is easy or that we will be able to easily claim five minutes at the end of every day but is it not worth trying? Close your eyes and run through your day and see how many times a memory makes you smile, the cat rubbing against your leg just after you stubbed your toe for the umpteenth time or your toddler laughing because you dropped your toast again. Are these not small moments of joy in an otherwise hectic and tumultuous day to be grasped and remembered then taken with us into sleep rather than lost in that stormy sea of chaos and anxiety that has plagued other nights. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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