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A bit about me

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

This is me almost 13 years ago. In this picture I was 43, 20 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. What you can't see is the turmoil behind the smile.

Not only was I having a baby in my 40's the service I worked in was being completely revamped. Nothing would be the same when I returned from maternity leave. Our little boy was such a joy and I felt so insecure and unhappy to be going back I cried all the way to work everyday for weeks. I hated being away from him and everything had changed at work which was so unsettling.

After a few months I remembered a course a friend had recommended to me that she thought I'd be good at. I applied and was accepted, unfortunately when I came back from maternity leave the goal post for study leave requests had been changed. I had to wait until the following year. 😩 As I was coming to the end of that first course and applying for the clinical training a new course for short term therapy came up. I could use this in the service where I worked so I applied for that as well. Two courses at once, crazy right?

It was a bit of a squeeze on my resources but I got through. My assessments passed, they weren't the best I'd ever done but they passed. I qualified, passing both gave my challenged self belief a small boost. It has taken a few years and a lot of reminding myself of what I discussed in my own therapy for that self belief to be at a point that I feel able to now step into my superpowers and decide to work for myself. I added a coaching course to my skill set last year. I love the way coaching can really cut through the undergrowth and get people to their chosen path quicker. More good stuff to help you find your sparkle.

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