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Individual Therapy

Release negative patterns of behaviour and free your subconscious mind

Jan smiling in her office reading a book

Therapy using a Psychodynamic Approach

Weekly therapy using a Psychodynamic Approach. 
Each person's needs will be assessed and a plan for therapy will be agreed after this.

Psychodynamic therapy is helpful for people who find they are struggling with the relationship with themselves and/or others, that is leading towards depression or anxiety.  It focuses on the person's unconscious mind and their previous experiences which have formed repeating patterns. The work can be uncomfortable and difficult as it challenges ideas you have built up over a number of years.  These ideas have served a purpose for you, but are now becoming too uncomfortable to live with.  

You are provided with a safe, warm environment in which to explore these ideas with full support and guidance.

Investment is only £60 per 50 minute session

To find out more or talk through this therapy approach to see if it would suit your needs then please contact me below.

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