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Chaos to Calm

One hour in-depth session each month to help calm your mind, body and soul.

Gain greater understanding of your mind and create a plan of action to help you move forward.

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How Can One Hour Benefit Me?

  • We will dig deep into your pressure points - find out what is keeping this negative mentality going so you can gain more control over it and recognise what your triggers are.

  • You'll be able to talk to somebody who is not family or friends but a seasoned professional who is not judgmental or biased.

  • We'll challenge some of the ideas that you might have built up about yourself/others and the world.   

  • We'll delve into your strengths and how you have managed chaos before.

  • I will provide you with tools and techniques that can help bring a bit of calm to chaos.

  • Together we'll come up with a plan of action just for you. Completely bespoke to what you need so you can feel calmer again.

  • You can pin this to your fridge or somewhere else you will see it every day. 

  • You'll be able to join my Facebook group which is a designated calming space for women like you, so you'll be able to get some on going support from each other, with my input as well. 

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  • The confidence that you can get back your own little bit of calm.

  • The belief that you've got this and that you do make a difference every single day. 

  • The knowledge that I have belief in your superpower as a mum and as a person. 

  • More time to do the things you want to with family and friends.

  • Knowing you can take back some control over the “stuff” you are able to control.

  • Knowing you can let go of all those things you really can't control.

What's In It For You?


Who can benefit from this session?

Are you a mum who is...

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the chaos of busy life and schedules? 

  • Trying to organise work/business around home, children, running a house and co-ordinating all that goes along with a family and home? 

  • Noticing you are a bit more snappy than usual?

  • Taking longer to make simple decisions?

  • Taking longer to get to sleep than usual because things are churning around in your head? 

  • Getting upset that your house is not as tidy as usual or you're forgetting things you would normally add to the shopping list every week? 

  • Feeling as if you've just got too much to do but not enough time?

  • Maybe drinking a bit more alcohol than usual? 

  • Sniping at your partner or squabbling a bit more than usual?

  • I've got a bit of personal experience with chaos, I've got 4 kids!

  • I've already put in the work to calm my own chaos and I am passionate about helping other women to find their way too.

  • I have knowledge and skills from years as a mental health nurse, psychotherapist and now as a mindset transformation coach.

  • I can combine all the skills I have to tailor what I offer to you and what you need.

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Why Work With Me?

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