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The Soul Breath Programme

This is a group programme, I have purposefully kept this a small group so each member can have individual time.  

Ladies it's time to unleash that Inner Goddess, find your rhythm and find your soul alignment.

Jan smiling on a bench

About the Programme

So let me ask you this.  Do you often 

Go from quiet to raging in 30 seconds especially when your period is due

Feel as if you're all over the place

Feel as if you're up and down and can't find any rhythm to your life

Feel emotional and tired a lot of the time

Or you pick up on other people's energy and it changes yours immediately

Feel as if one minute you're 100 miles and hour and the next minute you can't get going at all

Feel out of sync with yourself

How will The Soul Breath Programme help?

12 weeks full of content to help you to breathe new life into your soul with energy, mindset and soul alignment work.


Live training and time for discussion and coaching so you can fit what you learn into your own life.


A dedicated portal with resources and recordings of trainings.  Diary dates and more.

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