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Clear Space Therapy & Coaching

a place to

Dream. Believe. Achieve


How We Help Women Like You

Helping women like you find time for yourself in your busy life. 


Create balance in the daily juggle of life

Achieve alignment with what is most important to you

Gain clarity and focus on how to realise the life you most desire 

Working Together To Create Balance and Joy

At Clear Space Therapy I offer clients a bespoke service based on your individual needs. 


We have a wide range of Coaching and Therapy packages to address mindset and negative belief patterns of behaviour.


We host in-person and online Retreats to ensure you are taking the quality time for yourself that you deserve.

You will also find membership support, free resources and a supportive Facebook Group to ensure that no matter who you are, or what your circumstances might be - you can find the support and guidance that you need.


How I Can Support You


With several decades of experience under my belt as a mental health professional, I possess a range of qualifications and life experience that can help to get you back on the right track with your life.

Working with Jan has been a pleasure and I feel like I have a long term opportunity to work with her to continue to develop and improve myself with her help and guidance. She has made me feel more empowered and has shown me ways to approach my ideas in a logical and thoughtful way.   

Client Love

Jan relaxed any fears I had immediately with her calm tone and relaxed approach, but more importantly for me you get real outcomes that can apply to day to day life.

It's not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines that can put into place. Its the first time using a coach and most certainly use Jan again and recommend to others

Client Love

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