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At Clear Space Therapy, I strive to meet all my clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality services. Each individual has unique needs and I will work with clients to help them find the best therapy for them . My client list is constantly expanding, which allows me to add more and better offerings to help my valued customers find the well-being that they deserve.

I am adding Personal Performance Coaching to Clear 
Space Therapy which will increase the scope of benefit to clients.


I offer individual therapy for a range of emotional difficulties.  I aim to help people  explore what is leading to struggles with their mental health and find ways to manage these.    I am a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist meaning I am able to help people resolve their difficulties by increasing awareness  of their internal world and it's influence on their relationships with themselves and  others. I am also a mental health nurse and have many years of experience utilising various approaches to help people find what supports them to improve their mental well being. It is important to know this is not always a comfortable space to be but working through what is not comfortable can lead to that Clear Space.

Coaching can help people identify and achieve clear goals for life, either personal or work life.  Many people set goals and find achieving them difficult, often because of feeling overwhelmed.  Working with a coach can help you to set a clear goal or aim then break this down into smaller parts that are challenging but achievable.  It can help restore your confidence in your inner strengths and rediscover your resilience and self esteem.  As I can bring my years of experience as a mental health nurse and psychotherapist to the coaching relationship I can help you to identify and make changes to your mindset and self image.

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At Clear Space Therapy I aim to offer clients an individual service based on their needs.  Therapy needs will be assessed over 2-3 sessions initially to help us both find a focus for therapy.  If at the end of this I think what I offer is not the what you need I will try to think with you what might be useful and if I can, offer suggestions as to where you may find that help.

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